Factors to consider before purchasing a DVR for your CCTV system

When installing the CCTV system in your homes, office, school, industries, and business premises, a digital video recorder commonly known as the DVR is an essential factor. It is the heart of the CCTV system, and just like the human heart that the body cannot function without, a DVR is also crucial to the CCTV system. Getting the perfect DVR for your CCTV system can be tricky in case you have none or less clue about what is needed. Factors to be considered before purchasing a DVR for your CCTV system are as follows:

1. Number of video channels

The number of cameras you are planning to install should be considered before getting a DVR. This is because the camera numbers will determine the number of video channels. Most DVRs have either 4, 8 or 16, meaning places to be covered by the cameras should be keenly examined and taken into consideration before purchasing a DVR.

2. Video resolution

DVR standard resolution is always D1 (720x576pixels), but the modern ones use IP cameras, require HD resolution I1280x720pixels)

In case you need to purchase a DVR with high-resolution power, then some extra factors are to be considered like;

i. Frame rate.

The best frame for maximum resolution should be a minimum of 25fps for smooth video recordings and for it to be without grainy. In some DVRs, all the FPS are consolidated and indicated as one like 200FPS in the 8-channel DVR.

ii. Hard drive size

DVR is mainly used to record captured videos, and it has an in-built hard drive disk. While selecting a DVR, consider the memory storage and the duration it can take to store the footage. The number of cameras matter, since more cameras will require ample storage space. A DVR hard drive disk of around 500GB with four cameras can store the footage for up to a week at a recording resolution of 25fps.

iii. Online Access

Most recent DVRs can allow recorded footages to be viewed from either a smartphone, laptop, or desktop via the internet because of their internet connection capabilities.

Heading to a security store to buy a DVR for your CCTV system can be simple and easy if you have the above knowledge in hand. Information on the video channels it possesses, its resolution, and storage memory, among others, is vital before deciding on what size of DVR is required for your house, office, business premises, or industries, among others.