Types of gravestones and headstones

There are different types of gravestones and headstones that you need to know, and this is after knowing how this two are different. Below are a few types.

Types of gravestones

Flat tablet

They are rectangular in shape and kind of flat; they are raised above the ground so that water can easily runoff. They are way much cheaper compared to other gravestone types, but they don’t have too much information on them.

Upright gravestone

This is a very popular kind; they are round in shape, tall and thick, while its base is made of concrete. This gravestone is made from various materials, but in most cases, they use marble and granite.

Types of headstones


This lies flat in the ground and is about 4 inches with enough space for expression. They are made of marble markers and are a bit slanty.

Cremation benches

These are used instead of headstones; they hold the remains of many people.